‘Shadow Trade - The Price of Loyalty’ is a documentary that exposes the illegal dog meat trade in Thailand. Following the tragic story from the streets where the dogs are stolen, across The Mekong and into Vietnam where the dogs are slaughtered and sold. ‘Shadow Trade’ was produced for the Soi Dog Foundation by Environment Films > More

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This website and trailer (launched July 2nd) is designed to build momentum for the documentary which is a few weeks away from being finished. Once complete we aim to secure TV broadcast in English speaking countries before creating a Thai version suitable for broadcast in Thailand. Please help spread the word about ‘Shadow Trade’ by sharing this website and trailer with your friends, colleagues and family. Thank you > More

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Commissioned by the Soi Dog Foundation, the documentary was also made possible by a collection of generous charities and individuals. The Environment Films team are extremely grateful for the support received > More

Director - Richard Elson. Producers - Cherique Pohl & Ella Todd. Director of Photography - Ben Todd. Executive Producer - Ella Todd

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